The (Official) Opening of TechSci

I’ve said this many times here, but now I feel it more important than ever:

Welcome to TechSci.

It carries more meaning than you would think, as this is a beginning of something new- something different. TechSci is more than the sum of its parts; when you combine science and technology, a special thing happens. Science explains our world, while technology makes our world better. Technology is more than just fruits and green robots, cameras and processors. Technology changes our lives because it alters our thinking. Technology is everything that has the touch of a human- anything crafted by hand. We create technology, and technology changes us. It changes our thinking, our lives.

And yet, our lives are more than us. Our lives are everything around us: everything we can see, everything we can’t see. Science explains it all, but science itself is a human invention, a feeble attempt to explain it all. A feeble attempt that does a fairly decent job of doing so. We can’t live without science, and science is a rapidly evolving entity: the collective knowledge of humans, of all that exists. Some detract from this body of knowledge, and they should- it encourages us who do. All we have to offer is that which we believe. The workings of the world are inventive and surprising.

So, technology and science together form more than we could ever imagine thinking of them separately. They are life. They are all.

Again, with purpose:

Welcome to TechSci.


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