Pebble Announces the Pebble Steel at CES

Today, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Pebble Technology announced the Pebble Steel, which is essentially the Pebble we all know with a slimmer stainless-steel body and a Corning Gorilla Glass® display.

Courtesy: CNET

Courtesy: CNET


This device is aimed at the critics who pointed out that the plastic design of the Pebble is quite rudimentary and looks more like a geek gadget than a watch, and, as the presentation made clear, this incarnation of the Pebble is meant for formal settings. However, it could also be great for those who just want a more refined version of an already great product . The watch ships with a leather and a metal band and comes in either ‘Brushed Stainless’ or ‘Matte Black’; it sports a new tricolor LED, which is currently being marketed as a way to indicate charging status, but it will likely be accessible to developers for other implementations later. The company also announced that the official ‘Pebble appstore’, as it’s being called, will launch by the end of the month, so developers have until January 9th to submit their apps if they want them to be available on the store at launch. The final announcement for today was the addition of three partners to their existing lineup of companies that have agreed to create an app for the platform. The list now includes Yelp, Foursquare, GoPro, iControl, Pandora, ESPN, and Mercedes-Benz, of which the latter three were added today. The full announcement video is below the fold.

Courtesy: Pebble

Courtesy: Pebble



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