Technology Weekly Roundup 1/31/14




Blink and you missed the tech stuff in the State of the Union address (9to5Mac)

Computer-Based Math Continues to Gain Momentum (Wolfram Blog)

This kit lets you build a musical instrument from just about anything (Engadget)

Design Patents Deserve a Closer Look and Reform, Too (Re/code)


iWatch + iOS 8: Apple sets out to redefine mobile health, fitness tracking (9to5Mac)

Speculation and circumstantial evidence points toward possibility of Apple using solar in upcoming products (9to5Mac)

Analyst Skeptical About Imminent Launch for 12.9-Inch ‘iPad Pro’ (MacRumors)


Lenovo buys Motorola: the latest news on Google’s big sale (The Verge)

Google demos five minigames for Glass using voice and motion control (The Verge)

Google finishes up 2013 on a high note, Motorola on a low one (Engadget)


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