Science Weekly Roundup 2/21/14 (and 2/14/14)

Universe Today

Universe Today


Largest solar system moon detailed in geologic map (

Mars Rover Heads Uphill After Solving ‘Doughnut’ Riddle (NASA)

Are we alone in the Universe? (BBC Future)

Liquid Water on Mars? (Yahoo)

Set of NanoRacks CubeSats Deployed From International Space Station (NASA)

How NASA Prints Trees (TechCrunch)


Modern Genes Reveal 100 Major Population Shifts In Human History (Popular Science)

Ancient statue of Greek god Apollo discovered in Gaza strip (The Verge)


US grants patent for disgraced scientist’s fraudulent cloning research (The Verge)


Nuclear Fusion Achieves Energy Gain (TechSci)

Why People Resist the Notion of Climate Change (Universe Today)


A computer made a math proof the size of Wikipedia, and humans can’t check it (The Verge)

Neutrino beam ‘major physics experiment’ (BBC Future)


Spellbound Valentines: DIY Art from 3D Printed Sound (Bioinformatics/Wolfram Blog)


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