Technology Weekly Roundup 3/7/14




Apple’s ‘Spaceship’ designer discusses Steve Jobs’ involvement and Stanford campus influence (9to5Mac)

Apple rebrands iOS in the Car as CarPlay, compatible vehicles launching later this year (9to5Mac)

Apple’s Peter Oppenheimer to Retire at the End of September (Apple)

CarPlay Shown Off in New Promo Video from Volvo, Wi-Fi Connections Coming Soon (MacRumors)


Video shows off Microsoft’s Cortana virtual assistant in action (Engadget)

With Free Version of Windows, Microsoft Gives In to the Google Way (Wired)


New HTC One dual-lens camera shown off in detailed leak (Engadget)

Mobile World Congress 2014 report card: who made the grade? (Engadget)


Getty Images opens up its stock photo vaults for free, legal use with new embed tools (Engadget)

Newsweek defends Satoshi Nakamoto story (Circa)

Play-i is building an ecosystem for its robots to teach coding in schools (The Next Web)

How to measure the ROI of your ongoing SEO efforts (The Next Web)


Technology Weekly Roundup 2/28/14


Time Magazine


Apple formalizes iBeacon Bluetooth spec in the hopes of wider adoption (Engadget)


WhatsApp plans to add Facebook Messenger-like voice calling features by next quarter (9to5Mac)

Telegram Saw 8M Downloads After WhatsApp Got Acquired (TechCrunch)


Google Barge bids farewell to San Francisco, to make Stockton its new California home (Engadget)

Google’s Project Ara could go on sale next year for $50 (The Verge)

Google wants its Project Ara modular smartphone to cost $50 (Engadget)

Google’s Nexus 5 experience now available for other Nexus devices (The Verge)


Microsoft experimenting with free version of Windows 8.1 (The Verge)


Samsung To Release A Galaxy S5 With An 8-Core Processor (TechCrunch)

Samsung Galaxy S5 preview: simpler in some ways, more ‘glam’ in others (Engadget)

Samsung Galaxy S5 owners will be able to use fingerprint authentication to pay with PayPal (The Next Web)

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. the competition: the battle of Android flagships has new contenders (Engadget)

The ‘Galaxy S5’ problem (iMore)

Samsung Unveils the (No Longer Galaxy) Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo + More Details on New Samsung Gears (TechSci)


What app developers must do to stay ahead of competition (The Next Web)

Canonical gives developers a preview of a dual-booting Ubuntu and Android future (Engadget)

Blippar brings object image recognition to Google Glass (GigaOm)

Tesla to raise almost $2 billion for a $4B-$5B huge battery factory (GigaOm)

Ever wondered why your mouse pointer is angled, not straight? (9to5Mac)

Science publishers withdraw more than 120 computer-generated papers (The Verge)

Starting to Demo the Wolfram Language (Bioinformatics/Wolfram Blog)

New partnership could produce a 3D printer that prints objects 500 times faster and 10 times larger (GigaOm)

Technology Weekly Roundup 2/21/14 (and 2/14/14)



Investor Carl Icahn abandons Apple share buyback effort (BBC)


Comcast to buy Time Warner Cable for $45.2 effort (BBC)


‘Flappy Bird’ Removed from App Store by Developer (MacRumors)


Google Hopes Its Roadshows Will Help Normalize Glass (TechCrunch)

ATAP Project Tango (Google)


HTC admits it took its ‘eyes off the ball’ in neglecting low-end phones (Engadget)


Wundercar is bringing Lyft-style ridesharing to Europe (The Next Web)

Technology Weekly Roundup 2/7/14




Apple Patents Autocorrect Review System, Language Auto-Detect For Mobile Messaging (TechCrunch)

Flagship San Francisco Apple Store Approved by Planning Commission (MacRumors)

Tim Cook Says Apple Working on ‘Some Really Great Stuff’ in New Product Categories (MacRumors)


Microsoft Names Satya Nadella New CEO (TechSci)

Ctrl, Alt, Nadella: can Microsoft’s new CEO reboot the software giant? (The Verge)

Windows 8.1 Update 1 now rumored to arrive in April (The Verge)


Samsung could reveal Galaxy S5 at event later this month (The Verge)


Sony cutting 5,000 jobs, reverts forecast to loss (The Verge)

Sony quits the PC business to focus on mobile (The Verge)


The Questions That Computers Can Never Answer (Wired)

Ex-Googlers announce Beep, a Pandora-enabled WiFi controller for streaming music to any speaker (The Next Web)

KnowRoaming’s international sticker SIMs begin shipping to backers today (Engadget)

Technology Weekly Roundup 1/31/14




Blink and you missed the tech stuff in the State of the Union address (9to5Mac)

Computer-Based Math Continues to Gain Momentum (Wolfram Blog)

This kit lets you build a musical instrument from just about anything (Engadget)

Design Patents Deserve a Closer Look and Reform, Too (Re/code)


iWatch + iOS 8: Apple sets out to redefine mobile health, fitness tracking (9to5Mac)

Speculation and circumstantial evidence points toward possibility of Apple using solar in upcoming products (9to5Mac)

Analyst Skeptical About Imminent Launch for 12.9-Inch ‘iPad Pro’ (MacRumors)


Lenovo buys Motorola: the latest news on Google’s big sale (The Verge)

Google demos five minigames for Glass using voice and motion control (The Verge)

Google finishes up 2013 on a high note, Motorola on a low one (Engadget)